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What is a "Friend Request"?

I neither send nor accept "Friend Requests" ..... 

Facebook popularised the notion of a "friend request" in modern digital culture.  What are people requesting? When was the last time, in the real world, that you asked someone to be your friend?
It's the kind of behaviour we might have done when we first entered social groups such as: infant school or kindergarten, but it's definitely not something most of us do in our real world adult lives. Friendship is something that's given, it's not requested.   So what are digital requests really for? Friend requests are requests for ACCESS to two things ... your digital self.your associated content. Is a one-time pass a good way to manage access? Let's look separately at the two things which digital requests grant access to.  1: Your digital self. Access to your digital self is the ability for others to notify you.  There are three types of initial communication where this happens.  Public. For example th…

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